How My Sister's House Began

We are sisters and moms on a budget, who wanted an affordable place to shop and sell our clothes and home furnishings. We love the idea of giving gently used items a second life! We have been thrifting and sharing clothes all of our lives and have always had an appreciation for a good deal, a vintage find or a reclaimed piece of furniture. As adults we have “shopped” at each other’s homes, trading clothes, shoes and furniture when we wanted a change.  After shopping and volunteering at a local children’s consignment sale, we thought there might be a market in Abilene for a consignment sale for adults as well. And so we began My Sister’s House. We chose the name because we loved the idea of keeping it personal and allowing other women to shop each other’s homes and closets like sisters do. One of our favorite things about the sale is the sense of community it has created among local women coming together to share what we have, updating our wardrobes and homes on a budget, earning some extra money consigning items we don’t need anymore, and donating what’s left to nonprofit organizations.  We believe in shopping responsibly, simplifying, giving used items a second life and supporting one another in the process! Sisterhood at its best! 

REDUCE by keeping only what you love,  REUSE what you find to update your look, and RESELL the rest!

Summer Writes

About My Sister

Kate is the coolest person I know. She really is. She is well read, witty, fashion forward with an eye for eclectic, vintage pieces in both her wardrobe and her home. She has great taste in music and loves to laugh. Kate is a devoted friend, a loving wife and mom of two, and a truly amazing sister. I would not even attempt to run a business with anyone else. She is level headed and efficient…able to manage computer kinks, check out lines, and customers with grace. She personifies “calm, cool, and collected.” I am grateful to have such a close relationship and business partnership with my sister. We used to play “store” as kids and sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are actually running our own sale now. It’s crazy busy, always changing and growing, and sometimes pretty stressful, but there is always a moment each sale where we are laughing until we cry. Those moments make it all worthwhile. 


About My Family

I am married to Chad, Acute Therapy Manager at Hendrick Hospital. We met at ACU, married in 2000, moved to El Paso, Fort Worth and then chose to come back to Abilene. He is a wonderful support and  I am so grateful he chose me. I am also the mom of three sweet kids: Ava, Pierson, and Sadie. They keep me busy and laughing. You might see them up at the sale working with me. We are training them young! One of the greatest joys of my life has been being their mom and I am grateful.


Kate Writes

About My Sister

I’ve always looked up to my sister. She’s four years older than me which is just enough of an age difference for me to grow up wanting to dress like her and hang out with her. When I was young and playing with Barbie dolls, she would turn an old cardboard box into an elaborate dollhouse complete with curtains and furniture and artwork. Then I would play with it for hours. She is creative, artistic, visionary, and compassionate. She comes up with these ideas (that usually involve trying to help people in some way) and then is so enthusiastic about it she can convince other people to get on board. She’s also an amazing decorator. Her house is beautiful. And you should’ve seen what she could do with a cardboard box and some fabric scraps back in the day. She’s a dreamer and I’m a realist, so it’s pretty surprising that I agreed when she came to me with this idea to start a business together even though neither of us had much experience in the business world. We did, however, have a lot of experience sharing clothes, furniture, swapping, repurposing, and reusing each other’s things, so in a way, it seemed pretty natural. And she is really convincing. I love her very much as a sister and a friend and wouldn’t even consider attempting this without her.


About My Family

I married my husband, Brandon, in 2003. He is opposite of me in many ways, so we are a good balance. And he knows how to make me laugh when I get sad or upset which is both helpful and frustrating. He is a baseball coach at ACU, so many spring days you will find me at the baseball field. I used to be sitting in the stands scoring along, but now I am usually trying to get a glimpse of the game while corralling/cuddling my kids, Eydie and Gavin. Eydie still gets confused about why we can’t go to our store all the time and about the difference between Summer’s house and My Sister’s House. We have to mention our parents and extended family as well. There are several women (and a few men) in our family who might be seen around the sale at any given time. We could not even attempt this endeavor without the help of our families who babysit, move racks, hang clothes, work the register, sweep, keep us fed and support us emotionally. Thank you, family, for all you do. We love you.