So you’ve gathered the things you want to sell, entered them online, and attached your printed tags. Now you just need to bring them to the sale! We have three drop off days available. All drop off times will be by appointment only:

Saturday, March 18th from 9 AM to 8 PM

Sunday, March 19th from 1 PM to 8 PM  

Monday,  March 20th from 9 AM to 1 PM

Schedule an appointment here for drop off. The deadline for scheduling a drop-off appointment is  Friday, March 17th at midnight.  

Although your drop-off appointment time is a 15 minute window, you need to allow closer to one hour for your actual drop-off. Your 15 minute drop-off window is your arrival time. Please be sure to read the procedures below for the complete drop-off schedule.

Drop-Off Procedures

  1. Look for our signs at the fairgrounds to find the Display Building on the west end of the midway. 
  2. If you need pant hangers, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your drop-off time. Select the number of pant hangers you need from the boxes in the foyer. Please have pants pressed and tagged before you arrive so that all you will need to do is hang them.
  3. Stop by the DROP-OFF table near the front entrance where we will begin a Drop-Off checklist for you and you will be given a rack for clothes and a wagon or basket for shoes and home goods. 
  4. You will be directed on where to drop off clothing, shoes & accessories, home decor & furniture. 
  5. Go to the CHECK-IN table to complete paperwork and the check in process. You will be given your PRESALE passes here and we will verify the address where your check will be sent so please don’t skip this step. 
  6. Wait until you hear your consignor number called. At that time, you will be asked to help hang and clothing and put out shoes & accessories  that are accepted. (Home decor and jewelry is put out for you by our volunteers.)
  7. Once you are finished, stop by the CHECK-OUT table where you will sign for and take with you any items that are not acceptable for this sale. 
  8. Please bring your own muscle to help unload large furniture. 




Second Drop-Off

Due to the number of items we had leftover after the sale, we will only allow furniture at second drop-off. Watch for the email if you would like to participate and follow these instructions… Click to download 2nd drop off tags.

Rules for second drop off:
  1. You must already be a registered consignor for this sale and have checked in.
  2. You must either have furniture in your active inventory that you did not get a chance to bring OR
  3.  You must print blank tags and hand write your consignor number, item description and price on the tag.  Click the link above to download blank MSH tags.
  4. If you  DO NOT want your items to be half-off or donated, do nothing to the tag. If you DO want an item to go half-off, draw a red or black pea-sized dot in the bottom right-hand corner of the tag. If you DO want an item to be donated, write a capital “D” in the bottom left-hand corner of the tag.
  5. Have your items tagged and ready when you bring them in. We will not have time to assist you with this since we will have shoppers.
  6. When you bring your items in, come through the front and look for a volunteer to assist you. We will inspect your items as quickly as possible (but will have to allow customers to be a priority if we are short staffed).  You can put your items on the floor once they have been approved.