Item Entry Deadline

Any items that are not entered by the deadline below will not be included in the next sale.

Saturday, April 14 at midnight


Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to consign and you’re ready to get started. Go through your house and your closets and let the de-cluttering begin! Choose the best of what you don’t use or need anymore to put in the sale. Check the What We Accept page before you go on. 


  • Gather the items you would like to sell.
  • Arrange them in groups according to categories: clothing (size, style); jewelry; accessories; shoes; furniture; home décor.


  • Log in to your Consignor Homepage using your username and password.
  • Click on Work with Consigned Inventory under the ACTIVITIES menu.
  • Click on Active Inventory.


  • For those of you who prefer to type, click Mobile Version or PC/Laptop Version (depending on your device.) If you would like to try out the Voice Entry option, read the directions at the bottom of this page.


  • Click on the Add New Item.

You will need to categorize your own clothes as you enter your items. From the Category drop down menu you will select the style (Juniors, Misses, Maternity, Mens, Home Decor, Lamps, Dishes, etc.) and type of item (shirt, pants, dress, suit, etc.) See the explanations to help you determine what style you should select for your items.

  • FormalsAll sizes & styles of formalwear
  • BoutiqueAll sizes & styles of expensive, name-brand clothing, purses, and jewelry priced $50 or more (except formals)
  • VintageAll sizes & styles vintage clothing from the 80’s and earlier
  • MissesTrendy and classic women’s styles
  • JuniorsTween and Teen sizes (sizes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.) If your pants are odd numbered sizes, categorize them as Juniors. If they are even numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8… please categorize them as Misses.
  • PetiteAll sizes & styles of petite clothing
  • PlusAll styles, sizes 20 and up
  • MaternityAll sizes & styles of maternity clothing
  • Mens: All sizes & styles of menswear.

Click on the “Size” scroll down menu to select a size if the item is clothing, shoes, or bedding. If no size is needed, select ” — ” 

  • Type in a simple item description on “Description Line 1.” You might want to include name brand, style, or color in your description. Ex: “J.Crew brown tweed trousers.” (This description is very important if the item loses a tag because it allows us to do a search  which helps us locate the appropriate tag and get the item back on the floor to be sold. Items with missing tags cannot be sold, so it only helps you as a consignor to be as descriptive as possible.)
  • If more description or explanation is needed, you may use “Description Line 2.”
  • Enter your price.
  • We recommend 60-75% off the retail price. Remember, the better the price, the more likely it will sell. They must be a minimum of $2.00 and only in whole dollar increments (no $2.50 or $2.99).

Leave the quantity box at the default setting of 1 unless you have several identical items in the sale that are being sold separately.

  • Click Item can be discounted box for items you want included in the 1/2 Price Sale.
  • Click Item can be donated box for items you want donated when the sale is over.

About Discounts & Donations

  • You have the option to sell your items for half of the listed price at our 1/2 Price Sale on the final day.
  • You can also click Mark all as Discountable to make all of your inventory available for the half-off sale. 
  • Items that will not go 1/2 price will still be included once the 1/2 price sale begins, but will continue to be sold at full price. 
  • If you select Donate on an item, it will automatically be discounted as well. This is an effort to help you sell as much as possible.
  • Items that are discounted will have a DOT on the tag to indicate they can go 1/2 price at the end of the sale.  
  • You can choose to donate your unsold items to our partner charities.
  • You can also click Mark all as Donatable to make all of your inventory available for donation.
  • We give to over 15 local nonprofits where your donations are distributed to those in need.
  • Your clothes will not be given to organizations where they are resold.
  • Items that are checked donate will have a D on the tag to indicate they can be donated at the end of the sale.
  • If you would like to learn more about our donation organizations, click here.

Completing Item Entry


  • Click Submit to complete the entry for that item. It will save automatically.
  • You can go back and continue working on your inventory at any time.
  • When your inventory is complete and you are satisfied, print and attach your barcode tags.
  • Click here for more information on printing tags and attaching tags.
  •  At any time you can view or print an inventory report of what you have entered so far from the Consignor Item Entry page.


  • During the sale, you will be able to view your sold items and see an estimate of your earnings from the Consignor Item Entry page.

Voice Activated Item Entry

Our online item entry system is now mobile friendly, including a speech recognition feature, allowing you to enter items by speaking rather than typing. The voice activation option is available for both mobile devices (phone or tablet) and PC/Laptops. You will just need to select the version you would like to use from the pull down menu under ACTIVE INVENTORY on your Consignor Inventory Menu. 


How To Use Voice Activated Item Entry

  • From your mobile device (phone or ipad), go to the My Sister’s House website.
  • Go to Homepage Login under the CONSIGN tab and enter your consignor number and password.
  • Under the ACTIVITIES menu, click Work with Consigned Inventory.
  • Click ACTIVE INVETORY and select the last option Mobile Voice Entry for mobile devices or PC/Laptop Voice Entry for computers.
  • Click Instructions and read carefully to learn how to enter your items. (The microphone button is on your keyboard next to the space bar.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: The order in which you speak the details of an item is very important. Begin with the description, then say “price” and give the price. Be sure to say “dollars” after the amount. Then state “discount” or “no discount” and “donate” or “no donate.”

FOR EXAMPLE: For a J. Crew floral skirt that you want to price $10 and have it be discounted for the half-price sale and donated after the sale, you would push the microphone button and say,

 “J. Crew floral skirt price 15 dollar discount donate”

  • If you pause for very long while speaking, the system will think you are done and stop recoding your voice so think about the description and price before you begin. Proofread your dictation and make any corrections so that you don’t have an “Um” in the middle of your item description. If it looks good, click Submit Item or you can click Start Over if you need to try again.
  • TIP: If you don’t want to say “donate” and “discount” while dictating, you can go back to your item inventory page and click donate all or discount all before you print.
  • You may feel awkward at first and need to start over a few times on tags until you get the hang of the dictation, but once you get on a roll, this feature is a huge time saver!


Do you have questions? We would love to help. Please send us an email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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