1. Is My Sister’s House open year round?

No. My Sister’s House is a semi-annual consignment sale. We are open for shopping for one week each fall and spring. 

Hosting a fall and spring sale creates a sense of anticipation. Women tell us they can’t wait to shop our sale because they love the deals and the excitement surrounding each event. As a busy mom, I don’t have time to frequent the stores in town for deals. MSH offers a one stop shopping experience where you know you are getting the best deals in town. And with over 200 consignors, there is something for everyone!


2. Are you really sisters?

Yep, we really are. Read About Us for more about how we got started and how our sister/business partnership works.


3. How can I get involved?

We love having new consignors and volunteers. The process is pretty simple. Click on over to the Register to Consign page to register as a new consignor and then read the pages under the CONSIGN tab to learn what we accept, how to prepare, enter and tag your items, and sign up for a drop off appointment.

If you’re interested in volunteering, we’d love to have you join our team! Learn all about the perks and expectations; then click Register to Volunteer to sign up for your shifts.


4. How can I make sure I know when the next sale is?

There are four simple ways you can stay up to date on the latest MSH happenings:

1. You can Join our Mailing List. Once you do this you will get a confirmation email. Check your spam or junk folder in case it went there. It requires you to confirm if you want to get our emails.

2. You can like us on Facebook for updates and consignor tips. 

3. You can check back on our website for updates. We usually update for the next sale a couple of months after the last sale. We do our best to keep the information on the site current.

4. You can follow us on Instagram @mshsale for updates and behind the scenes photos and tips.


5. What is the benefit of consigning with My Sister’s House as opposed to a traditional consignment store?

My Sister’s House takes a smaller percentage of sales than a traditional consignment store, allows the consignors to set their own prices and decide if they want to donate their items after the sale or pick them up.  Consignors get the added perk of getting to shop the sale early where you can find unbelievable deals and a wide selection of items because of our large inventory. And consignors receive a check within 3 weeks of the sale!

With two sales a year, we are able to run the sale as an event and do a large marketing push to advertise with ads in the paper, digital billboards, facebook ads, and flyers. We do our very best to make sure the word is out around town so we can sell your consigned items!

We understand that it’s not for everyone. If you are not comfortable with computers, preparing and entering your items online, and printing and tagging your items yourself, consigning with MSH may not be your thing. And that’s okay. Come shop with us instead!


6. How can I get in to shop the pre-sale?

Military, university & teachers (with ID) can shop the pre-sale at 6 PM on Wednesday, March 22nd. We are now offering a $5 pay at the door Pre-Sale option for the general public. See the Sale Dates & Times page for all the details. 


7. Can I share a consignor number with a family member?

If you are a family and would like to share a consignor #, you can enter all of your items under one consignor as long as you are able to stay within the item limits for each gender :

Clothes: Limited to 75 fall or 75 spring items per gender (depending on season)

Jeans: Limited to 10 pairs per gender

Shoes: Limited to 10 pairs per gender

Jewelry: Limited to 20 pieces

If you exceed these limits per gender, you will need separate consignor numbers. This helps us at drop-off and allows us to be fair and consistent with all consignors.

Please note: You will only receive ONE PRE-SALE PASS per consignor number. This will allow an adult consignor to shop early along with the tween or teen children you are shopping for. If it is important that your husband get to shop with you at the PRE-SALE , he will need his own consignor number. You can shop for him or he can come with your guest pass later that evening. Otherwise he can come shop when we open to the public.

If you have adult children (over 18), you are welcome to share a consignor number as well but we will only allow ONE person to enter with the CONSIGNOR PRE-SALE PASS. Your adult children are welcome to have their own consignor number and use their own PRE-SALE PASSES. Again, we are trying to be fair and consistent in how we manage our PRE-SALE night and passes. We have several college students who consign and volunteer on their own in order to be able to shop early so we feel that it is only fair that adult children not be allowed in with a parent’s PRE-SALE PASS.

Remember that we have plenty of opportunities to shop and you can never see it all in one night so we encourage you to come back with your family and  friends on any one of our public shopping days. We’re so grateful that you consign with us and we look forward to working with you!


Do you have questions? We would love to help. Please send us an email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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