From Risk to Reward by Loretta Fulton

Kate Stover and Summer Walters see themselves as two of the unlikeliest entrepreneurs in town. Others see them as two of the most successful, with their twice-a-year consignment sales considered a must-attend event for many people in the area. That is the outcome they dreamed of but didn’t see coming when they opened My Sister’s House consignment sales in October 2010.

They originally operated out of a rented building on Pine Street but soon outgrew that and now have fall and spring sales in the display building at the Taylor County Expo Center. Not bad for two women with no business experience and certainly no grandiose ideas about being entrepreneurs.  (Excerpt from January/February Issue 2017. Click title above to read full article.)

Pop-Up Shop: My Sister’s House by Christi Stark

My Sister’s House, a stylish semi-annual sale, pops up twice a year in Abilene. Imagine my surprise as I stepped inside of this quaint downtown boutique, with its windows filled with the latest and the trendiest outfits, to find that it was a “pop up” consignment shop.  I found shoes, organized by size, neatly waiting to be tried on. I walked farther into the store where I found racks of clothing, again, nicely arranged with clearly marked sizes and various displays of jewelry artfully arranged on stands. I had found my new favorite store, a semi-annual sale called My Sister’s House… (Excerpt from May/June Issue 2013. Click title above to read full article.)


Sister’s consignment store venture wins top prize in ACU entrepreneurial contest by Scott Kirk

Sisters Kate Stover and Summer Walters didn’t think of themselves as entrepreneurs when they started My Sister’s Closet three years ago. “I still don’t,” Stover joked Tuesday evening, prior to the sixth annual Springboard Ideas Challenge at the Hunter Welcome Center on the Abilene Christian University campus. By the time the event was over, however, the sisters had won the grand prize in the community division of the contest with their idea of expanding their consignment retail store. (Excerpt from April 2013 article. Full article no longer available online.)

Consignment sale goes upscale by Scott Kirk

Sisters Kate Stover and Summer Walters have spent their lives combing each other’s closet, so maybe it isn’t so surprising they have expanded the idea. Beginning Friday at 10 a.m., Stover and Walters will hold their semiannual My Sister’s House consignment sale at 181 Pine. The sale will run through Nov. 13. Stover said she and her sister grew up going through each other’s closet and later would frequent garage sales and consignment centers together. “It really comes from the way we shop,” she said about the inspiration for the sale. “This is just a deal on a bigger scale.” (Excerpt from Nov. 2011 article. Full article no longer available online.)


‘My Sister’s House’ brings quality shopping options to Abilene by Whitney Puckett

Clean, cute, and current are the three C’s at the semiannual consignment sale, My Sister’s House. ACU alumni Summer Walters and her sister Kate Stover established the upscale consignment business after noticing the lack of shopping options in Abilene. The store is for shopping lovers who want to “update their wardrobe without breaking the bank,” Walters said. (Excerpt from Feb. 2010 article. Full article no longer available online.)


Get ready to find some hidden gems from clothes to home décor at the annual My Sister’s House Consignment Sale. This sale only happens twice a year in the Fall and the Spring. If you’re looking to change or update your wardrobe or home My Sister’s house has tons of options without breaking the bank. Summer Walters and Kate Stover started this consignment sale five years ago and their motto is reduce, reuse and resell that way you can update your home or wardrobe and not spend to much money. The sale lasts for only a couple day and won’t return until the Fall. Consignors who are selling their items come up with their own prices. Whatever is left over the consignors can either take their unsold items back or they can be donated to a local charity.





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