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We are shortening the schedule for the spring 2018 sale by two days. Mark your calendars for our upcoming sale dates and times.  View the calendar.


Our online item entry system is now mobile friendly, including a speech recognition feature, allowing you to enter items by speaking rather than typing. The voice activation option is available for both mobile devices (phone or tablet) and PC/Laptops. You will just need to select the version you would like to use from the pull down menu under ACTIVE INVENTORY on your Consignor Inventory Menu. Be sure to read the Instructions about voice activation before you begin and double check your tags for errors before printing. It’s very easy to use and dramatically cuts down the time it takes to enter items.

Remember these updates from previous sales


Due to storage constraints, we are no longer able to offer pant hangers for consignors so start keeping those pant hangers and stock up before the next sale! Please plan on collecting or purchasing them on your own as we will still expect pants and skirts to hung on pant hangers. 


If you are activating inventory from a previous sale, you need to read the page about Re-Sort numbers! It will explain why your re-sort number is important, and how to print re-sort number stickers if you have old inventory to bring to a new sale. Click Re-Sort to read more.


Consignor payment will be sent through PayPal within a week after pick-up day.  Money will be sent to the email address that you have entered in your consignor homepage and confirmed at consignor check-in.  If you choose not to accept your payment through PayPal, we will be happy to mail you a check for a $2.00 processing fee. You will need to let us know during Drop-Off  that you prefer a check. 


We have a two-piece tag that will allow a shopper to take the bottom portion of the tag to the check-out and leave the top portion attached to the item. If you are bringing a large item (one that cannot be carried: complete set of dishes, furniture, large art or mirror), you may bring your printed tag with the barcode to drop-off and we will attach it to the item for you with our new tear tags.


We have changed our method of tagging dish and glass sets of more than 4. Here is our general rule which will help you as you prepare your dishes for the sale:

1. Stemware, glass and dish sets of 4 can be tied or grouped together with one tag which clearly states “SET OF 4”

2. We do not accept dishes or glasses that are not a part of a set of 4 or more UNLESS they are serving platters or pitchers.

3. Stemware, glass and dish sets of more than 4 need to come in a box with two identical tags. Be sure they have the same item number. (Only enter the item into your inventory once, and print two copies of the tag.) One tag will be attached to the box. The second tag needs to be attached to a display set which should include one of each piece in the set. Please clearly list in the description the number of total pieces. You may also hand write a note card listing how many of each item is included in the set. (For example: 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 bowls, 8 saucers, 8 tea cups, 1 serving platter, 1 serving bowl, 1 pitcher.) When you come to drop-off, have one tag taped to the box and have your display piece or set out of the box and ready to be set out with the second tag attached. We will still inspect all of the items but will not have time to attach your tags for you. (If most of the set is in mint condition but a few pieces are lightly chipped, please make note of that on the note card as well.)


We have instituted a new rule for consignors who choose not to donate their unsold items. If you have items left at pick-up which you do not come get after the sale, we will charge a $20 processing fee which will be deducted from your consignor earnings. This may sound harsh but we have limited time and the sorting process takes hours and hours for our team of volunteers. Many consignors have not taken the time to check donate on their tags and assume items left after pick-up will be donated either way. If you do not plan on picking your items up after the sale, it is simple to check the box “Mark all as Donatable” before you print your tags. If you only wish to pick up a few items, you can check “Mark all as Donatable” and then uncheck those individual items you wish to pick up. Last sale, we had 8 racks of items and multiple tables that were not marked as donate and did not get picked up. We want to honor our volunteers and their time by making sure that items sorted will in fact be picked up after the sale. You can always send someone to pick up for you if you cannot make it during the assigned pick-up time. Thank you for understanding.


If you are bringing a lamp to drop-off, we are now requiring that you bring it with a working light bulb already in it. This saves us time making sure it works and allows us to display it lit up.


Do you have questions? We would love to help. Please send us an email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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