We are looking for hard working volunteers who will barter services in exchange for a Worker Pre-Sale Pass which will get you into My Sister’s House to shop before consignors or the public. Volunteers also pay a lower consignor fee or have it waived altogether and receive a higher percentage of their sales depending on number of hours worked.

Volunteer Perks

We will be needing male volunteers to work on our set-up and tear-down days. If you are a woman sharing a consignor number with your husband and he volunteers, his hours will count towards your total volunteer hours. Consignors, please consider working even one 6 hour shift. That extra 5% of your sales makes a difference. We love getting to know and work with our volunteers!

Consignor Fee






Hours Worked


6 Hours                         

12 Hours                       

18 Hours                       

24 Hours



Percentage of Sales 






Full/Half-Price Pre-Sale Shopping Times

6 PM/8 PM

5 PM/7:30 PM

4 PM/7 PM

3 PM/6:30 PM

2 PM/6 PM

Sharing Volunteer Hours

You will receive one pass per consignor number for the VOLUNTEER PRE-SALE for working up to 24 hours. However, these shifts may be divided among more than one adult.  In other words, if you volunteer for two 6-hour shifts and your husband volunteers for one 6-hour shift, you will receive one 18 HOUR PRE-SALE PASS. If it is important that your spouse gets to shop the VOLUNTEER PRE-SALE, he may register for his own consignor number and volunteer for as many shifts as he would like credit for. This same rule also applies to mother/daughter teams as well. You may divide hours among mother/daughter adults, but will only receive one pass per consignor number.

If two people sharing the same consignor number would like to work a shift at the same time (husband/wife or mother/daughter/son), you will need to email us because we will need to enter your information manually. The system only allows one consignor number per shift time. Volunteers must be 18 years or older unless working with a parent. If you would like for your teen (16 or older) to volunteer with you, please let us know in an email ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will need most shifts to be filled with adults first as we are dependent on our volunteers to run the sale smoothly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us.

What to Expect

Female volunteers will be given an apron and male volunteers will be given a name tag to wear while working at My Sister’s House. You may want to wear comfortable shoes as we will be keeping you busy during your shift!

We will not be providing food so you may bring a drink and meal or snacks if you like. A refrigerator will be available. We do not allow our volunteers to leave for meals during your shift. Thanks for understanding.

Come ready to have fun and work hard. My Sister’s House would not be possible without our volunteers.  Please be prepared to do whatever you are asked and be flexible. Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!